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Air freight and trucking companies

Household appliances and electronics

Show business

Consumer goods industry

Medical industry

Community foundations and organizations

Food processing industry

Construction, real estate, renovation

Telecommunications, technology and communications

Tourism and recreation

Federal and regional media

Federal authorities

Chemical industry

Segmented by customer COLOR'd (our customers are spread out throughout the globe)

The Russian Federation







South-East Asia


Hong Kong

South Korea



The work carried out by the studio

Design aways

POS-materials and exhibitions' design

Brand-book & Guide-book

logos' design  and corporate identity concepts

Layout and design of catalogs and brochures

Mock-ups and press advertisement

Packaging Design

Creation of web-sites

industrial design

Professional photo shoots

Outdoor Advertising

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We use professional approach when we solving customer’s request, offering ideas which will really work. Interesting design can not help you solve your commercial issues if there is no original, fresh, correct idea in design. Therefore our design-studio is not a «conveyor» manufacturer of booklets and catalogues, we are creative team working with your order individually.

Absence of simple solutions explains why we don’t have a fixed price-list for our work. Discussing the future work with the customer, we coordinate each time personally both: the prices, and terms.

The Purpose of Design — to make Sale,

otherwise it’s nothing but the pretty pictures.

Design studio COLOR’d was established in 1996, and now 16 years of our history is measured by success of our clients. We are a professional creative team. We help solving various business problems. COLOR’d offers customized solutions, delving not only into technical details, but also learning the business of our customers. Our customers have full trust in us. The best proof of the quality of our work? Many have become close friends over the years.

COLOR’d studio is always open to new challenges. We are open to all cooperation options, so you can realize your most ambitious plans. Take a few minutes of your precious time, visit our website. Learn a bit more about COLOR’d. When you need the services of a truly fine design studio — just email or call us.

Our clients:

  1. Lavazza Espresso Point (Italy)

  2. Turk Electronics (Turkey), electronic equipment manufacturer

  3. UAB "Euronavigacija" (Lithuania), Automatic Vehicle Location and Navigation System

  4. UNITRANS-PRA (USA), Overseas shipping company

  5. Aerotel Domodedovo International Airport Hotel

  6. The Joint Staff of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

  7. Diona Group of Companies, systems integrator

  8. East Line Group of Companies, International Airport “Domodedovo” managing company

  9. Aquanaut diving club

  10. Radio Russian public magazine

  11. SV-Class Club, fitness center

  12. GlassTrading Company, automotive glass wholesale trading company

  13. Leo-Telecom, telecommunication company

  14. Peresvet Company, washing-up liquids and chemical reactants manufacturer

  15. Pets Haas (Austria), food industry

  16. Taiga-Azimuth Company, extreme tourism

  17. Chemopharma Company (Austria)food additives manufacturer

  18. Centrosol Company, wholesale salt supplier

  19. Baxter Company (France), medical equipment manufacturer

  20. Huawey Company (China), telecommunication company

  21. Rainbow Company, Electronic components

  22. SKD Company, polygraph printing materials and equipment

  23. AСС-Media Company, manufacturers holding

  24. KASIS Company, home and office supplies wholesaler

  25. Terminal-K Company, warehouse and storage space services

  26. UNICOMM Company, telecommunication Company

  27. Computer Service Devices (KSD) Company

  28. Dynasty Confectionery factory

  29. Philantrop Cultural Fund

  30. Metelitsa Ice-cream manufacturer

  31. Vulcan Club moto saloon, seller

  32. DateLine Science and Development Center, telecommunication company

  33. KOMI Republic Consulate in Saint Petersburg, Russia

  34. Air-Service Domodedovo, International airport food manufacturer

  35. Itallica ceramics

  36. Alliance tour operator network

  37. “Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii” Union of Amateur Radio operators of Russia

  38. AVIKOS Insurance organization

  39. TV-6, Broadcasting Company

  40. Offset Print Service typographic company

  41. Desany Trade mark, home equipment

  42. Polaris Trade mark, home equipment

  43. Timberk Trade mark, Climate control equipment

  44. East Line tour operator company

  45. POZIS Federal government factory, home equipment manufacturer

  46. RKK Firm, telecommunication company

  47. Socintech Center, telecommunication company

  48. Electrostatic-21, electronic equipment installer





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