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Bad photos can spoil impression about your product for ever. Certainly, you can photograph your goods on «kids toy» camera by yourself and give photos to design-studio as an initial material. But before using such photos in creation of a breadboard model, the designer should work on them to make them look decent enough, which is not always possible, but will inevitably increase your expenses — time wise and financial wise. Better yet — trust the shooting to the professional photographer and you receive a quality result. But the photographer, as a rule, sees foreshortening differently and some times those visions are not coincide with vision of the designer, which is engaged in development of design of your catalogue and sees a problem in a complex.

Logo design, corporate identity

A logo is the face of any brand — it forms the very first impression. Its creation is extremely important.

If the logo is done correctly, it becomes a powerful asset of the client's brand.

We offer logo design, corporate identity package, a full or short guidebook.

Sketching and designing promotional characters for advertising campaigns and raising awareness of your brand.


Packing — one of the most important factors when your buyers making their decision to buy your products. It is a serious task — to create the right packing design, so your product does not get lost on the store’s shelves.

Over the years the studio COLORd accumulated vast experience in the area of advertising development, preparation of graphic materials for a wide range of uses. We'll help you realize your business idea from the very beginning of the project. We can also jump on board and get involved at any stage. Our experts will assist in making your business more successful.

The Brand is indivisible part of any advertising campaign, the tool of competitive struggle and promotion of your goods in the market.

Sales — is your commercial success. The way to the customer’s heart lays thru the advertisement modules in the newspapers and magazines, outdoor adds, radio jingles, commercials on TV, promotions in stores… countless ways of goods promotions in the hands of brand-manager or market-specialist! But only the packing allocate your product among other competitors when your goods are facing the customer in the store. That’s why packing design development is requires special attention. The personality of your goods should be not only attractive and recognizable, but also work correctly on your target audience.

The goods in the right packing — sell by itself.

When we develop packing design for our customers we offer them an effective instrument to grow their sales.

Designing so-called "points-of-contacts" with the customers speaks a lot about your type of business. Are you up-to-date with the technologies or hopelessly outdated? Customer oriented or just care about your own profit?

We will make sure that your company's "points-of-contact" will make your customer say "Yarrr!" — and most definitely remember you. And who knows, it might be the first reason to buy your products.

What can we do for your company:

  1. Annual Report designs

  2. Printed matter designs (catalogs, brochures, leaflets, stickers etc.)

  3. Exhibition stands designs

  4. Sale offices design

  5. Info graphics and pictogrammes

  6. Presentations (PPT, PDF, Flash, HTML5)

  7. Promo calendars design



COLOR’d GmbH Russia

Our studio is engaged in industrial design for the past 8 years. We are provide professional maintenance of OEM and ODM projects well-known market brands of HVAC equipment and consumer electronics. In our portfolio you can find design solutions for these commodity groups, such as washing machines, electric water heaters, humidifiers, and a wide range of the heating appliances such as heaters, electric radiators, convectors.

Representation of your company on the Internet is the main "point of contact" with customers in the modern world. Therefore, success of your company in the market depends on how comfortable, beautiful, useful your website is.

Developing a website is not a simple matter. We have to begin by defining the goals, objectives and target audience of the future site. What kind your future site will be  entirely depends on them. Will his task to sell something (online store) or it will be a image reflection of your brand (image site)? Will it designed for communications within your own company (corporate portal) or to promote a particular stock (business card site, site of the advertising action)? A lot of options.

Come and tell us, what you want — we know how to make it.