Color'd GmbH Graphics Design Studio



Latest Projects


packing design

When we develop packing design for our customers we offer them an effective tool to grow their sales.

industrial design

We provide professional support of OEM and ODM projects to several well-known market brands of HVAC equipment and consumer electronics.

We offer high-quality, creative photography, using professional analog and digital Canon equipment, with a set of optics for any shooting. We also utilize our own studio lighting equipment.



We, as professionals, know exactly what solution is best for your business.

Our studio can create unique advertising character on your order which will be an additional effective tool for communicating with your customers.

brand promo


Come and tell us what you want. We will create it for you.


web designs

Our graphic design studio specialty is developing effective business solutions.

Success of your company in the market depends on how comfortable, beautiful and useful your website is.

corporate ID


Design studio COLOR'd was established in 1996, and now 16 years of our history is measured by success of our clients. We are a professional creative team. We help solving various business problems. COLOR'd offers customized solutions, delving not only into technical details, but also learning the business of our customers. Our customers have full trust in us. The best proof of the quality of our work? Many have become close friends over the years.

COLOR'd studio is always open to new challenges. We are open to all cooperation options, so you can realize your most ambitious plans. Take a few minutes of your precious time, visit our website. Learn a bit more about COLOR'd. When you need the services of a truly fine design studio — just email or call us.